The World of Digital Imaging

How it works:
A digital image begins as a file of information. That file is the digital equivalent of a negative, but you can work with it in ways never practical with film, revise it, enhance it, archive it to disk or transmit it over the Internet. Some basics:

The quality of a digital image is defined by its resolution, expressed in pixels, the more pixels the better. Most digital cameras offer several resolution modes, from standard to superfine. Typically, the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the image. Resolution determines the size of the image file. Anyhow, if you are looking for trail cameras, you can find a deer camera here. If you are unsure of what kind of trail camera you need, they can give you an advice. Just visit the site and see all their cameras.

California Hotel

Since it was built in 1926, La Valencia, the legendary “Pink Lady of La Jolla” has been a San Diego tradition attracting the rich and notable such as Groucho Marx, Lilian Gish, and Mary Pickford. More recent famous guests have included Pearl Jam, Madonna, Rush Limbaugh, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Reigning over La Jolla Cove, this elegant pink palace is planted in the heart of the trendy seaside town of La Jolla, within walking distance of many great little boutiques and restaurants.


Villas, which range from 400 to 1,200 square feet, come with separate sitting room, patio or balcony, dining area, and huge bath. Most have fireplaces and are designed so that from your king-size bed you can look through the living room out to the patio, gardens, and sea.


Room features include hand-painted Mexican tiles, a Lyceum digital audio system, bathroom with steam shower, down duvets; Italian marble floors, sinks, and bath, Jacuzzi tub, and a private butler service.


On the ocean side there is a park and a coastal walk leads to a small cove, a popular hangout for seals. With an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees, you can almost be guaranteed springlike weather whenever you come.

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Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman

Basking in the sun, playing golf on a unique championship course, and enjoying a side order of super scuba and snorkeling are all part of the honeymoon experience at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman. Entering the resort’s palm-lined driveway, you quickly leave the hubbub of life back home far behind. The Hyatt’s British-inspired, low-rise colonial buildings are surrounded by lush green foliage and a rainbow of tropical flowers. The Caribbean is just across the way, where the Hyatt recently built 53 new beachfront suites.


Location: Directly across from Seven Mile Beach

Romantic Highlights: Seven Mile Beach at sunset; tropical walkways laced through the property, sunset sail on the 65-foot Spirit of Ppalu catamaran

Accommodations: 289 rooms and suites in 6 buildings; 53 new beachfront suites, and 50 villas offering one to four bedrooms with kitchen and laundry facilities.



Most Romantic Room/Suite: Bilevel Governor’s and Georgetown Suites
Sports and Facilities: Red Tail Sports has 2 locations on the Hyatt property and offers every water sport imaginable. Special activities include scuba/snorkeling trips to Stingray City and parasailing over Seven Mile Beach. The resort’s golf course is designed by Jack Nicklaus.


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5 Basic Plumbing Tips You Can Try at Home

As anyone who has ever tried to do a bit of home plumbing knows, it can be fraught. You need to have some understanding of what you are doing or things can go haywire very quickly. Here are 5 basic plumbing tips to help you around the home, but remember, if you are unsure it’s best to bring in the experts, a company like



Tip 1: It’s All about Flow

Water should flow out from your pipes. Back flow will occur when there is sudden drop in water pressure causing the water to flow back through the pipes. If you are a keen gardener and do a lot of watering outside you may experience impeded flow inside. You can install a vacuum breaker fitting to the valve mounted on the outside of the house. This will prevent back flow from your garden hose. These fittings are mandatory in some council areas. You can also install a backflow preventer.

Tip 2: The Right Connections

Gas lines are also considered to be part of the plumbing. When you are installing a new gas appliance to an existing gas line you need to ensure you are using the correct connections. You must make sure the thread is compatible. An iron pipe for example will be incompatible with a flexible connector. Using incorrect connectors can be disastrous. The best solution is to buy a universal connection kit. This will come with a variety of adapters.

Tip 3: Know the Location of Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems experienced in homes is caused by damage to pipes, usually by the efforts of the home handyman. When you are nailing or driving screws in, make sure you know where pipes run. A stud sensor is excellent for helping detect pipework and wiring and is an excellent investment. In the case of damaged pipes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If the wall you are working on will be covered by whatever you are installing, say a bathroom cupboard, you can cut a small hole in the wall to help locate pluming.

Tip 4: Make Neat Cuts

You cannot make a neat join water tight or gas tight unless the ends are cut neatly. This is very important. You need the right tools. Buy tubing cutters, reciprocating saw blades, hacksaw baldes and a plastic pipe saw. This investment will save you a lot of many and a lot of headaches in the long run. You need to remove any burrs from the pipe whether it is a plastic or copper. Make sure the surfaces are completely smooth before attempting to solder or glue them. Time spent preparing the surfaces will go a long way to ensuring a good water or gas tight join.

Tip 5: Beware Over-Tightening

A properly cleaned smooth join does not need to be hugely tightened. Bring the parts together with a firm hand tighten and then use a wrench to tighten a further half turn. Over-tightening will cause damage to your fittings.

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Hotel in Quebec

La Pinsonniere

On the banks of the St. Lawrence River, in the picturesque Charlevoix region north of Quebec City

Romantic Highlights:
Private fireplaces, terraces above the river, whirlpool baths for two

Most Romantic Room/Suite
Room 312, which has a rosewood king-size bed, whirlpool bath for two, and sauna with a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River, Room 211, a creamy white confection with king-size bed, white lace duvet cover, double whirlpool, fireplace, marble bath and deck.

Sports and Facilities
Indoor pool, hiking, beach, tennis, kayaking, skiing, skating, sauna, whale-watching, massage therapy.

There is a very small airport, St. Irenee, about 3 miles from the inn; free pick up can be arranged.


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What You Need to know Before Travelling to New Delhi

How could anyone ever find the words to describe New Delhi? It’s a mad, bustling, beautiful mammoth of a city. If you’ve never spent time in India, be prepared to experience things you’ve never experienced before – and perhaps never even imagined existed.


New DelhiImage Source

For a traveller, the city undoubtedly offers a world of adventures – new sights, new sounds, new smells and new ways of being. But at the same time, it can be quite confronting. To get the most of out of your trip, it’s a great idea to do some preparation before leaving home.


New DelhiImage Source


Drinking and eating

Let’s start with the most important point: your health. After all, you won’t be having much of a holiday if it’s not in good order. You’ve no doubt heard numerous stories of intrepid travellers who’ve ended up spending at least one day in bed, suffering from the (best-not-described here) effects of unwanted bacteria. There’s no such thing as a watertight guarantee against such an occurrence, but you can take some precautionary steps.

First of all, it’s highly recommended that you consume bottled water only, ensuring that it’s sealed at the point of purchase. If you order juice, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, insist on having no ice and no added water.

The problem with food is that it’s not exactly easy to figure out the hygienic standards of a restaurant kitchen by looking at it from the outside. Having said that, a large, consistent crowd is often a good sign. The locals have had enough time to work out what’s good from what’s trouble. Apart from that, cleanliness tends to more emphasised in the wealthier, more developed parts of town, where tourists and international business people spend time.


New DelhiImage Source


Finding somewhere to stay

Arriving in a place without having booked any accommodation can be an adventure, that’s for sure. But in a busy place like Delhi, where touts abound, it can also prove a major hassle. Try making decisions on the spot when one person after the other is offering an ‘amazing deal’. What’s more, a place might be represented in a particular light, but turn out to be quite different in reality.


New DelhiImage Source


Your safest bet is to book a hotel in Delhi in advance – at least for the first few days. That way, you’ll be assured of easy transfers from the airport and at least a couple of nights’ restful sleep in a secure, peaceful environment. Remember, too, that, although luxury accommodation might be out of reach in your home country, it’ll be much more affordable in India. It can be a good excuse to pamper yourself.

What to wear

Even though mini-skirts and singlets are the norm in Western cities, that’s not the case in Indian urban areas. You’ll soon notice that the majority of people – and women, in particular – keep most of their flesh covered. Sure, it might seem sexist or strange to you, but that doesn’t change the facts. Wandering around in skimpy attire can elicit an array of reactions – from the scowls of those who find it offensive or disrespectful, to the unrelenting stares of those who find it fascinating.

New DelhiImage Source

If you’d prefer to avoid such attention, you’re best to dress like the locals do. To make that as much fun as possible, wrap yourself in a beautiful silk saree. They’re available in an extraordinary selection of colours and patterns and remain comfortable in hot weather. By the way, if you’re fair-skinned and blonde, you’re likely to be looked at, whatever you do, but try not to feel offended or become aggressive – you’re merely a point of difference and, therefore, of intense interest.

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How House Design Is Being Influenced By Technology

We are living in the digital era, and as we move forward it is clear to see why; technology is becoming more influential in our lives. We use it for work, entertainment and for general day to day living. With the intention of making our lives easier, technology has become a big part of house design, and as Coral Homes Australia shows us in their various design inclusions, the influence is definitely a positive one.


kitchen design

In the Kitchen

Bringing technology into the kitchen allows you to channel your inner master chef and let you culinary expertise take over.Channeling a minimalistic design, technology has influenced kitchen designs through pull down kitchen sink taps, stainless steal basins, industrial ovens, soft lighting and functional stone bench tops. Less clutter means more working space and more opportunity to create those delicious delicacies your inner foodie has conjured up. Today’s modern kitchen design has all the trimmings, including space for that state-of-the-art talking dishwasher, (saving you time and money), the ice dispensing, double door refrigerator and the functioning oven and microwave. Whether you’re flying solo, living the life of a loved-up duo or conjuring family feasts, a modern, minimalistic, technological kitchen is cooking made easy. Bon appetite!

In the Bathroom

It’s been a tough day at work. Scratch that, a tough week. All you want to do is go home, get out of those stiff work clothes and climb on into a hot bath. This vision among others is essentially why baths are making a comeback in the home, and are included in most house designs today. But we’re not talking ordinary baths; you’ve got your spa baths, baths that are classic rectangle or oval shape and baths that are contoured to the body shape for comfort. If you’re more a shower person however, semi-frameless glass shower screens with pivot doors are all the rage, enhancing that stylish minimalistic look and highlighting ease of use. Wide-open basins, wall-hung vanities and smart storage cupboards compliment the modern, technological bathroom, leaving plenty of space for that music dock or that vase of flowers.

In the Living Room

The living room is where we spend most of our down time, its where we entertain, and where we communicated with our families. Long gone are the days of CD players and clunky sound systems that had wires running all over the carpet, inviting you to trip on them every with every step you took. Technology has influenced the design of our living areas perhaps more than any other area of the home. With sound systems in-built into the walls, and flat screen TV’s barely inches think being hung on the walls, everyday living is about spacious, open environments that allow you to live comfortably, without all the clutter. Other technological inclusions are ducted air-conditioning, reverse cycle for comfort all year round, and a healthy supply of power points, so everyone can charge their electronic appliances without causing family disagreements. The technological home enhances family life, its classic, comfortable living with a modern twist.

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