Living By The Sea

How life would be good if you are living near the beach? When we were kids, our house was near to the beach. We could hear the powerful waves, especially at night when everything was silent. The sea cold breeze that touches your face in the morning is so calming and relaxing. The sound of the small waves is like beautiful music to my ears. However, how safe are we now if our home is near to the beach?

The photos below were taken when I went to Samal Island with my gay friend. It’s a residential beach resort. The place is really perfect to live. It’s far from the busy city life. You wouldn’t hear any car’s horn, motorcycle engine, and more. This place is so peaceful. However, if you think what happened to Japan, you might be scared to live in this place for this is really near the ocean. My gay friend who is a real estate agent, he wanted me to buy a home in this place, and he rests assured that there will be no tsunami in this place for it is not facing to the Pacific Ocean. In fact, you could see Davao City just across the ocean. The boat would only travel 15 minutes actually, so, there is nothing to be scared of. Until now, my friend still convincing me, and asking me if I could refer him to my friends who are in overseas, or a friend who has a foreign husband. Well, the place is really recommendable, I promise.



Much Happier Bed-and-Breakfast

Bed-and-Breakfast owners pride themselves on the individuality of their accommodations. Be sure to express your needs when making reservations.

Room: Do you prefer a room with a view? A quiet room? Or large one?

Bed: What size do you prefer? Can you tolerate a footboard?

Breakfast: Is it a full breakfast? A simple Continental one? Will you be eating at a table with other people or by yourself?

Other considerations: Will renovations be in progress during your stay? Will other guests include any groups such as family reunions or tours? Do they take credit cards or checks? Are there are any special packages, off-season rates or last-minute discounts?


Bed and Breakfast

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Happy 13th Birthday To My Son

Happy Birthday to my most wonderful and awesome son I know. I may not have too many words to show, but you are most a special part of my life.

As you grow up, may you have more dreams than memories, more opportunities than chances, more hard work than luck, more friends than acquaintances.

Wishing you everything happy on your birthday.


happy birthday

13th Birthday

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Ocean Club, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

One of the unique features of the Ocean Club is the terraced Versailles Gardens flanked by beautiful old trees, tropical flowers, and shrubs that are tiered like a wedding cake up a gentle hillside. At the top is a thirteenth-century French cloister that was imported from Europe and rebuilt stone by stone by Hartford. With its marble columns, arches, and statues, it is lovely place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the gardens and sea. It’s also a great place to have a wedding ceremony.






You couldn’t ask for more seductive place to dine than the Courtyard Terrace restaurant, an outdoor venue where tables are arranged around fountains and gardens. With such a setting you would almost be willing to accept the most mundane of meals. But this is not necessary here. This restaurant is known for serving some of the finest cuisine in the islands. The a la carte menu features items such as Beluga caviar, homemade soups, lobster medallions with a warm sauce surrounded by local vegetables, chateaubriand for two, and a superb chocolate mousse. For a casual drink by the sea, there is a bar set into the hill overlooking the beach.




The Dune Twilight Bar


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Flier Beware

Airlines count on most people never redeeming their frequent-flier miles, and continue to make it harder to cash them in. Here are a few problems you may encounter:

Expiration Dates
Most airlines put a time limit on their frequent-flier miles of two to five years. Solutions: If time is running out, you can usually get the miles you need from a credit card or other tie-in, or make up the difference in cash.

Blackout Dates
Airlines have many blackout dates, times when it is impossible to use your miles for a free ticket. These occur especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Solution: Make sure you can use your miles when you want to.

Sold-out Flights
There are usually a limited number of seats available on each flight for people using frequent-flier rewards. Solution: Plan ahead and book flights well in advance. If there are still no seats available for frequent-fliers, ask to be put on a waiting list and look for another flight. You can use your miles for a companion fare or upgrade. Or pay your airfare and use your miles to pay for a car rental and accommodations.

Missing Miles
Sometimes miles you’ve earned don’t show up on your statement. Solutions: Always save the bottom sheet of your ticket and all your boarding passes until you’ve sure you have been credited for the correct number of miles.

Spending Too Much for Too Little
Don’t get so caught up with mile-age bonuses and tie-ins that you spend more money accumulating miles than they are worth. Solution: Always shop around for the best deal.

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Web Sites for Cheap Tickets

Airlines of the Web ( offers general information on flying inexpensively, links to most airlines and online reservations.

Best Fares (, an electronic version of Best Fares magazine, features Internet-only deals, hidden travel deals, a currency exchange, ATM locator, ski resort information and travel articles. Some sections are free, but you have to be a Best Fares subscriber to access many parts of the site. ( claims a vast and valuable travel inventory. Deals are also available on cruises, hotels and rental cars. Registration on the site is required, but free. It offers a personal search profile and special E-mail discount fare alerts.

Expedia ( searches multiple airlines to find the lowest fares. Their Fare Finders service will E-mail you the best current fares it finds to your chosen destination on a weekly basis. You can book flights, rental cars and hotels, check the weather around the world, read travel columnists’ opinion or more.

FareChase ( is an aggregator with a difference. They built their site as a demonstration of excellence of their proprietary search engine. But, it is a fully functional and effective way to gather, in one place, the real-time information from more than 80 global sites. They don’t do bookings, but offer direct connections that allow you to book with any site offering you the best deal. Among their features is a FareAware service alerting you to new deals. All services are free.

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Museum Membership

It is hard to cover all the rooms and displays a large museum has to offer in just one visit. With membership, you save yourself from having to pay each time you enter the museum. Individual and family membership plans entitle you to free entrance for a year. Many times the membership also guarantees free admission to special museum events such as films or concerts, gallery openings and members-only lectures.


National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art

Some membership plans also include a monthly member’s calendar that tells you about new exhibits and special programs. You can visit several museums by buying a membership at just one. Most major art museums let members often get discounts of up to 20 percent at gift shops and restaurants.

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